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What Panini grill should you buy?

Cooking surface– Panini grills come in three basic types, aluminum, cast iron, and non-stick. Aluminum and cast iron are more durable and will probably last longer but will require upkeep and seasoning. Non-stick won’t last as long, but your sandwiches won’t be sticking to the surface either. Configuration-The thing that makes a panini a panini…

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Mold in ice bin can make customers sick

If ice machine bins aren’t getting cleaned mold can grow fast, and mold can make your customers sick. People rarely think very much about the ice machine. It magically produces ice in perfect, uniform sizes. But, periodically you should turn the machine off, take out all the ice and scrub down the inside of the…

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Buying Stainless Steel Tables

There two main things to consider when looking at a steel table for your kitchen, Gauge and steel type and every table is come combination of these two variables. Gauge Steel tables come in 14,16, and 18, gauges. The number basically refers to the thickness of the steel on the table itself. 14 is the…

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Maintain Your fryer to save Money

Strain your oil frequently-your kitchen is busy. But, taking 10 seconds to run a strainer through your oil after cooking can save you serious money. Those crumbs keep cooking as long as they are in the oil. And when they cook, they break down the oil. Schedule regular deep cleans-I always suggest scheduling regular cleaning…

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How to change the saw blade on your Hobart meat saw

Remove the upper and lower pulley covers. Raise the gauge plate to its vertical position. Remove the right table by lifting its right side and sliding the table to the right to free it from the locating pins. Remove the column guard. Turn the tension adjuster counterclockwise until it stops (this will release tension on…

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