Used Bakery Mixers Near Tampa, FL

A baker uses a wide range of tools every day, from giant appliances like ovens to simple hand tools such as rolling pins, and every baker would agree that the mixer is one of the most important tools of all. Mixers come in a wide range of sizes and typically have many attachments to accommodate a myriad of baking techniques. Unfortunately, brand new, high-quality mixers tend to be quite expensive.

Fortunately, Bulger Equipment offers pre-owned bakery mixers at competitive prices near Tampa, FL, and the Tampa bay area. We obtain our mixers from the school boards, not large bakeries or pizzerias, so they’re lightly used and in great shape. After we clean and refurbish them, they’re as good as new. Don’t feel the need to pay a premium price for a new mixer when you can get a high-quality used mixer for a fraction of the price.

Lightly Used, Ready for Action

Some people are apprehensive about the prospect of buying a used product, but don’t worry! Here at Bulger Equipment, we purchase only the highest-quality used bakery mixers. If a mixer comes from a pizzeria where it’s spent years being used daily, it won’t last long even after refurbishing, so we don’t purchase any mixers that have seen pizza dough.

Instead, we get our mixers from school boards. In these settings, their parts are in great shape because of the light use. Nonetheless, we thoroughly clean and refurbish every mixer we purchase, ensuring that they’re as good as new. Used mixers are a great investment for small bakeries, new bakeries, or any bakery that wants an affordable way to enhance their capabilities.

We sell primarily Hobart mixers models A200, D300, D340, H600T, M802, and V1401, and we stand behind every mixer we sell.

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Are you looking for an affordable way to take your baking capacity to the next level? A pre-owned bakery mixer may be the solution. Give us a call today at 863-646-5588 to learn more about our different options and prices.