Buying Stainless Steel Tables

There two main things to consider when looking at a steel table for your kitchen, Gauge and steel type and every table is come combination of these two variables.


Steel tables come in 14,16, and 18, gauges. The number basically refers to the thickness of the steel on the table itself. 14 is the thickest and sturdiest while 18 is the thinnest and most easily dented, bent, or warped.


There are two main types of steel used for tables, 304 and 430. The difference between the two is primarily steel quality and chromium percentage. 304 has more chromium and is higher quality meaning it is less prone to corrosion. 430 is lower quality and has less chromium meaning it will begin corroding a little easier.

Typically, the cheaper tables are 18-gauge, 430 stainless steel. Why? Because they are thinner (i.e. less metal), and are made of lower quality metal.

Typically, the more expensive tables are 14-gauge, 304 stainless steel because they are thicker tables (i.e. more metal), and that metal is of a higher quality

What difference does this make? If you were buying a table that will do a lot of heavy duty chopping, hold heavy equipment like a meat slicer, or will be used for heavy bulk prep I’d make sure to look for thicker tables that are more resistant to corrosion.