How to change the saw blade on your Hobart meat saw

Remove the upper and lower pulley covers. Raise the gauge plate to its vertical position. Remove the right table by lifting its right side and sliding the table to the right to free it from the locating pins. Remove the column guard. Turn the tension adjuster counterclockwise until it stops (this will release tension on the blade by raising the lower pulley). Raise the plastic blade guide on the lower blade guide assembly and release the blade from the upper and lower blade guides. Free the blade from the blade scrapers in the lower pulley area and release it from the pulleys. Remove the blade.

Make sure the pulleys are properly installed and the pulleys are latched. Install the new blade with the teeth pointing to the right and down as you face the front of the saw. The blade must fit between the V’s on the blade scrapers, in the slots of the upper and lower blade guides, and must not touch any of the pulley flanges. The lower blade guide must be installed after the blade is installed.

Reinstall any removed parts. After the blade has been installed, set the blade tension by turning the tension adjuster clockwise until it stops.