Gas and Electric Kettles in Tampa, FL

Kettles for your restaurant or commercial kitchen are essential for preparing food. If you want quality electric or gas kettles for your Tampa, FL, establishment, turn to Bulger Equipment today.

Find Quality Kettles

Don’t just get a stockpot on a range. Instead, discover what a kettle can do for your kitchen. A kettle can simmer sauces, boil grains, and prep stocks and soups without supervision. You can partially automate and set up the kettle for your kitchen's specific requirements, which can help you reduce labor and cooking time.

We stock and sell both gas and electric kettles. Our electric kettles can be single- or three-phase. They often are energy- and time-efficient, and you can control the settings to achieve the perfect temperature.

No matter your preference, we can find the right kettle for you. If you have questions about what kettles might work better for your restaurant or commercial kitchen, our experienced staff can help.

Discover the Worth of Pre-Owned Kettles

If you use commercial kettles regularly, you likely know that kettles are very costly. Instead of buying brand-new kettles, save money with pre-owned kettles. This will give you more revenue to focus on your other business goals.

Additionally, buying pre-owned kettles is good for the environment. These pre-owned kettles will get a second life and continued use, and you’ll not have to contribute to the kettle manufacturing process.

And if you’re worried about the reliability of pre-owned kettles, we always ensure each piece of equipment is operational before we put it in our inventory list. You can even come to our facility to check for yourself.

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If you need gas or electric kettles for your commercial kitchen or restaurant, Bulger Equipment has what you need. Please call us today at 863-646-5588. We are always happy to answer your questions or concerns, so feel free to reach out to us anytime.