Maintain Your fryer to save Money

  • Strain your oil frequently-your kitchen is busy. But, taking 10 seconds to run a strainer through your oil after cooking can save you serious money. Those crumbs keep cooking as long as they are in the oil. And when they cook, they break down the oil.
  • Schedule regular deep cleans-I always suggest scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance (if you don’t, you probably won’t do it), and this is no exception. Depending on the model and level of usage I’d suggest 1-2 times every month at least. But, when in doubt, check with your manufacturer.
  • Regularly check the temperature-The internal thermometer for your fryer can lose its calibration and you probably won’t realize it unless food starts to burn or the oil starts to go bad quicker than expected. If your thermometer’s calibration goes off it could cause you to burn oil-and oil can get expensive quickly.
  • Change your filters- You don’t normally see the filters so it is easy to forget they are there, but dirty, clogged, and poorly maintained filters can dirty your oil and even become a fire risk. Change your filters regularly.